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Kill La Kill - Japanese DVD/BD Volumes 1-9 Cover Artwork.

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Process of Doom! [IA]

My process isn’t interesting…

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Hi everyone!! We’re not far from funding the Companion Croquis Kickstarter!! So I’d like to post a giveaway for two users :D Two lucky winners will win:

  • one copy of Companion Croquis & digital e-book!
  • original of Coal or Fawn shown above
  • some bonus prints !!

There’s some rules though!

  • period ends 8th Sept 2014
  • must have ask box open & respond in 24hrs
  • likes, reblogs count (please no more than 1 per day )
  • don’t have to follow me, but that’d be nice lol!
  • Winners will be selected using

Any help for the last stretch of the project is really appreciated!!! Thank you everyone *7*//!!

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Yes just me, a dog. Taking a walk. With my dogs. Who are my friends. But also dogs. And I am a dog.


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These are some old drawings I made for friends. I made a lot of overseas friends on Twitter, from Korea and Japan and have been practicing Korean and learning Japanese. This is probably a big part of why I haven’t had as much time to myself (to do comics cough). I also got another part time job, but yeah ahah. The important thing is, I’m happy and still drawing!! Yay!!!!

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High Lace-up Platform Boots from Hipster Space

use the code ‘tops' for a special discount!

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mirai with and without her glasses

i really liked drawing her eyes and coloring her lips u qu
(feel free to use these as icons!!)

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bow down to the queen of desbear
i mean despair

experimental piece

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